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1 Maintenance

Status der VM:

vmware-cmd /home/vmware/image.vmx getstate 

Fragen beantworten (bei stuck)

vmware-cmd /home/vmware/image.vmx answer


vmware-cmd /home/vmware/image.vmx start|stop

2 Patch debian lenny (vmware server 1.0.10)

3 Kern log on lenny

Found here. On my VMWare host system I was seeing frequent (2-3/minute) syslog messages like the following that was making my syslog really hard to view:

 /dev/vmmon[12315]: host clock rate change request 26 -> 30

Finally, what worked, even though it wasn't supposed to solve my problem, was, based on this page, I added the following to/etc/vmware/config:

host.useFastClock = FALSE

4 Vmware-server-console

Unter Ubuntu 6.10 gibts Probleme. Aber dafür auch ein Fix :-)

Add to vmware/lib/wrapper-gtk24.sh in vm_run()

# Fix for pulling in libdbus-1.so.2 instead of .3en
export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libdbus-1.so.3:$LD_PRELOAD