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1 Debian debs

1.1 Sarge

deb ./



"stable" means that the packages in this directory are compiled on debian 
sarge, which is completely unsupported by the Kanotix project and might be 
removed any time without prior notice!
The packages in this repository might be outdated, contain serious security 
flaws and are completely untested, use them at your own risk!

 deb stable-backports main contrib non-free
 deb-src stable-backports main contrib non-free

In case you only want NX related packages, the following repository line is sufficient:
 deb stable-backports nx
 deb-src stable-backports nx

1.2 Etch/Testing

deb ./

2 Server

  • install packages NX, FreeNX
  • setup and start FreeNX (first time)
nxsetup --install

--setup-nomachine-key Allow login with the key shipped with the NoMachine client.

                       This can be a security risk. So it is not recommended.
                       Use this option on your own risk.
  • start FreeNX (otherwise)
nxserver --start

3 Client

  • install packages NX, FreeNX, knx
  • start knx
 Login/Password: as usual
 Connection name: <whatever_you_want>
 Host: Server hostname
 Sessiontype: UNIX/KDE

4 Fehlersuche

5 Sonstiges

Wichtig: Nach Installation des des Servers die



# The port number where local 'sshd' is listening.

# Authentication directives
# This adds the passdb to the possible authentication methods

# Refuse the NX client connection if SSHD does not export the
# SSH_CONNECTION and SSH_CLIENT variables in the environment
# passed to the NX server.
# 1: Will check the remote IP and will not accept the
# connection if it can't be determined.
# 0: Will accept the connection even if the remote IP
# is not provided.

Also dreimal das # entfernen !!!

Dann sollte es funzen (jedenfalls bei mir war das so). von

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