Securing and Hardening Linux

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  • General
  • Removing Unnecessary Software Packages (RPMs)
  • Patching Linux Systems
  • Detecting Listening Network Ports
  • Closing Network Ports and Disabling Runlevel System Services
  • Closing Network Ports and Disabling Xinetd Services
  • Reviewing Inittab and Boot Scripts
  • Restricting System Access from Servers and Networks
  • Securing SSH
  • Securing Postfix
  • Securing Sendmail
  • Securing NFS
  • Copying Files Using SSH Without Providing Login Prompts
  • Kernel Tunable Security Parameters
  • Checking File Permissions and Ownership
  • Checking Accounts
  • Enabling Password Aging
  • Enforcing Stronger Passwords
  • Restricting Use of Previous Passwords
  • Locking User Accounts After Too Many Login Failures
  • Restricting Direct Login Access for System and Shared Accounts
  • Restricting su Access to System and Shared Accounts
  • Preventing Accidental Denial of Service
  • Displaying Login Banners
  • Miscellaneous
  • Bibliography and References