Sun Portal Server

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1 Layout Customizing

1.1 Global

Stylesheets, Images:


1.2 AccessManager

/opt/SUNWwbsvr/https-instance/is-web-apps/services/config/auth/default [/org]


/opt/SUNWam/web-src/services/config/auth/default [/org]

1.3 Portal-Desktop

/etc/opt/SUNWps/desktop  [/org]

1.4 Locales


2 Tips und Tricks

2.1 Recompiling JSPs

Every time you make a modification to a JSP file, you need to recompile. You do this by running the touch command on the modified container’s top-level JSP file.

For example, type

touch tab.jsp

2.1.1 Note

A typical desktop will include content from several JSPs. However, if you make a modification to a non-toplevel JSP that has been included in a top level JSP, the included JSP will not be recomplied. The end result is your desktop changes will never be reflected.

If the top-level JSP is touched, the JSP engine recompiles all the relevant JSPs. If you cannot find the top level JSP, run the touch command on all JSPs in the directory, for example,

touch *.jsp

This modifies all JSPs, including the top-level JSP.

See JavaServer Page Caching Information for information on how to find the top-level (parent) JSP.