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Horde ist ein PHP-Framework für Webapplikationen. Darüber hinaus gibt es bereits fertige Apps, wie z.b. Webmail IMP

1 Upgrade

upgrade is done via pear

#as root
umask 022
pear upgrade

then check for bug (BasicAuth and ActiveSync) below

2 Known Bugs

2.1 Apache mod_auth (BasicAuth) and ActiveSync

If Apache mod_auth (BasicAuth) is used for rpc.php ActiveSync is not working. See http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/11801


#beginning of _authenticate()
         #return true if htpasswd-file is empty and transparent is working, no need to check more
         if (empty($this->_params['htpasswd_file']) && $this->transparent()) {
                 return true;

2.2 Pear Error

If you get the error "CRITICAL ERROR: Registry could not be initialized from any value" the rights are probably wrong. E.g. /usr/share/php or /usr/share/php//usr/share/php/.registry must be readable/executable by e.g. webserver account www-data.

3 Module

3.1 Emailfilter/Ingo

Dovecot bringt einen Sieve-Filter-Server mit, diesen kann man mit Horde nutzen: http://www.radnerd.de/artikel/vom-radsport/2013/02/sieve-mit-dovecot-und-horde-5-ingo.html

Für einen Defaultfilter gibt es ein Hook (horde/config/hooks.php)


   public function transport_auth($driver)
        switch ($driver) {
        case 'timsieved':
            // Example #1: Use full Horde username for password.
            return array('euser' => $GLOBALS['registry']->getAuth(null), 'username' => $GLOBALS['registry']->getAuth(null));

            // Example #2: Use IMP password/username.
            //$ob = $GLOBALS['registry']->call('mail/imapOb');
            //return array(
            //    'password' => $ob->getParam('password'),
            //    'username' => $ob->getParam('username')

        // DEFAULT: Use hordeauth (identical to not defining hook at all).
        //return true;